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  send flowers to China online has opened up a new sales channel for sending flowers to China,so it is favored by many florists.Indeed,due to the high demand of online flower shops,in most people's eyes,operating a online flower shop could return a huge profit.As a matter of fact,China online florist service also has some difficulties hard to mention,before you steping into the door, the florist must get some idea of the hard working behind surface.
  At first,as the orders are come from the internet, it has brought many more problems in their daily work of undertaking the task of China local flower delivery,since many customer's orders address in English are unclear,make it difficult to deliver flowers in China,which is the most common situation.We suggested that when customers place an order on our web can input Chinese and English.Some customers send flowers to friends that didn't contact for years,the addresses they give us are many years before, the streets names and buildings have changed,and the phone number they give don't exist(preferably pre-check the phono number).We can only try our best to check it,sometime the flowers cannot be delivered successfully,we also have to be blamed by customers.
  Secondly,though the price of online flowers is higher,except for the expense of web maintance and online order,the actual profit didn't have much difference with entity florists.What’s more, as the price of online flower is relatively fixed,and didn't change frequently,common websites have two prices of off-season and hot season,but the flowers price change frequently,if the price in off-season rice,this risk of part price change must be undertaken wholely by the florist,sometimes in order to maintain the fame of website,we will deliver flower at loss.
  The unstable online orders also made China local flowers shop headache.At present,for most florists in China,order flowers online just play a supporting role in marketing,people are not dare to put all the hope on the internet.Sending flowers to China service is only a supporting sevice of entity florist maketing,it cannot become the major means.So many difficulties made it more complex than our expect to operate entity  florists  in China ,but it cannot be experienced by a man out of the door.In these difficulties,some can avoid by refinement management.Such as when facing with the unclear address problem,we can do series work to verify the address before flowers delivery;but there are also some difficulties cannot be avoid---such as the risk problem of seasonal price fluctuations.When China local florists faced with these problems,as long as they analyse it and treat it seriously,figure the solutions out to solve problem before it comes,it will not only be a dream that the marketing situation would be better and more stable.

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3.7 days delivery including holidays, 3-6 hours can arrive;
4.100% Satisfaction guaranteed or Full refund or Replacement.

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