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Chinese Mother’s Day Greetings

1. 时光流逝,妈妈,您的皱纹也日夜增多,但是,妈妈您可知道,您在我的心里永远是美丽的!
As time goes by, mama, your wrinkle is increasing through day and night; but mama do you know, you are always the most beautiful in my heart!

2. 今天是母亲节。但,并不是只有在母亲节这天才要“特别”去关心您,365天里,每一天都是母亲节。希望您能天天快乐,日日幸福!
Today is Mother’s Day. But it’s not only today that I should care for you specially; in 365 days, every day is mother’s day! Wish you happy every day!

3. 妈妈,你就像月亮,我就像小星星,没有您,就不会有我,我离不开您,您伴随着我长大,看着我踏踏实实地走过每一步。爱您!妈妈!
Mama, you are like the moon, and I am like the little start; no you, no me; you accompany me to grow up and watch every firm step of me, I can’t live without you. I love you, mama!

4. 妈妈!您生我、养我、育我。。。在这个节目里,儿子向您问好,希望您身体健康、万事如意!
Mama! You bore me, reared me, educated me… In this special day, your son wants to send the best regards to you and wish you healthy, everything goes as you wish!

5. 365天里,希望您每天都快乐,妈妈,您的快乐就是我们全家人的快乐! 儿子的心,你知道吗?亲爱的妈妈?为了你我可以放弃一切,为了你我在不停努力,我爱你妈妈……
Mama, I wish you happy in 365 days; your happiness is the happiness of all our family! Do you know your son’s heart, dear mama? I can give up everything for you, I can fight and strive without stop for you; I love you, mama!

6. 亲爱的妈妈:“您曾用您坚实的臂弯为我撑起一片蓝天,而今,我也要用我日益丰满的羽翼为您遮挡风雨。妈妈,我永远爱您!”
Dear mama, “Before, you used your strong arms to hold up a blue sky for me; now, I will use my full-pledged feathers to shelter you from the winds and rains. Mama, I love you!”

7. 工作,常常让我流连;爱情,时时让我留恋。纵然想念不相见,对母亲始终有亏欠。就让风带去我的挂念,就让云捎去我的祝愿:祝亲爱的妈妈永远快乐!
Job, often makes me linger; affection, often makes me yearn. But for mother, always missing but seldom meeting, I owe my mother always. Let the wind bring my concern, let the cloud convey my blessing: wish dear mom happy forever!

8. 妈妈,今天是母亲节,我给您送上一束温馨的花,表达我的心意,并祝你万事顺意,永远年轻!
Mother, today is your day, a bunch of cozy flowers express my best wishes, wish you forever young and everything goes as you wish!

9. 我的成长是刻在你额头上的横杠;我的放纵是刻在你眉心的竖杠;我的欢乐是刻在你眼角的鱼尾;我的成功是刻在你唇边的酒窝,妈妈您辛苦了!我爱你!
My growth is the wrinkles carved on your forehead; my indulgence is the frowns between your eyebrows; my happiness is the crows-feet at your eyes’ corner; my success is the dimples on your face. Mama, thanks for your painstaking, I love you!

10. 不会随光阴流逝的,是您的爱;不会随岁月淡漠的,是我的愿:愿妈妈节日康乐!
What will not elapse, is your love; what will not glide, is my wish: mama, happy Mother’s Day!

11. 妈妈,您的爱,就像块糖,包在唠叨里,藏在责骂里,让我东找西找,直到我懂事,才找到。祝您母亲节快乐!
Dear mother, your love is like a candy, wrapped in your chatter, hidden in your scolding, I searching and searching, finally found it until I became sensible. Happy Mother’s Day!

12. 老妈,母亲节将临,我也没啥好送的,送您五万万吧:万万要开心,万万要舒心,万万要健康,万万要长寿,还有,万万不要担心我。节日快乐。
Mom, Mother’s Day is coming, I have nothing precious for you, just five must: must happy, must comfortable, must healthy, must long life, and must not worry about me. Happy Mother’s Day!

13. 在这个特别的日子里,我想对妈妈您说声:妈妈节日快乐!愿妈妈在今后的日子里更加健康快乐!
In this special day, I want to say, “Mama, happy Mother’s Day! Wish you healthier and happier in the future!”

14. 妈,节日愉快!我最近比较忙,但也会抽时间回家看您的,您要注意保重身体! 妈妈,不论您在哪儿,那里就是我们最快乐和向往的地方。
Mom, happy Mother’s Day! I will be busy these days, but I will come back to see you when I have time, you must take good care of yourself! Mama, no matter where you are, that is our happiest and most yearning place.

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