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您可以從190個國家和地區在線付款,支持加元、歐元、英鎊、美元、日元、澳元、新西蘭元、瑞士法郎、港幣、新加坡元、瑞典克朗、丹麥克朗、波蘭茲羅提、挪威克朗、匈牙利福林、捷克克朗等16種貨幣。 (不支持人民幣)。 接受 US check account , Discover ,Visa , Master , American Express


Moneybookers是一家极具有竞争力的网络电子银行, 它诞生于2002年4月. MoneyBookers/skrill是一种很流行的在线支付方式, 具有安全性高和提款简单的特点.它可以直接从帐户中将电子货币通过申请支票邮寄到你手中变成美元。同时, 它还省却了Paypal必须用信用卡来激活的麻烦。


Note:  We will try our best to serve you perfectly, we will offer fresh flowers and nice gifts to arrange your order properly. But we are not responsible for the imperfect delivery due to the reasons below:
          Unclear address, your credit card is refused by the payment system... etc

Thanks for understanding.

If you are really in a urgent condition, we will consider serving you in perference.

Any questions, please contact with us.

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