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The Best and Most Healthy Gift for Elders --- Flowers and Plants

The Spring Festival comes and it is time for lovers to be soon married to talk about in which family they will spend the festival. Whether the bride-to-be or the bridegroom-to-be going to the parents-in-law’s family, it is impolite to bring nothing for the first visit. Thoughts must be given to preparing a gift which may be indirectly related to the first impression the elders have on you. As time changes, the practice of sending tobacco and alcohol as gift has been gradually replaced by sending healthy gifts and blessings. Flowers and green plants are certainly the best and most healthy gifts for elders.

One customer once said that his father-in-law likes growing flowers and loves all kinds of flowers and green plants, but he is frugal in life and begrudge buying rare and expensive flowers and bonsai, only raising some small potted plants. Before the Spring Festival, the customer specially bought a few rare bonsai in the flower shop for sending to his father-in-law in the festival.

A few years ago, tobacco and alcohol were necessary gifts when visiting somebody. It seems now that fruits or tobacco and alcohol as gifts in the Spring Festival are neither healthy nor sincere, while flowers and plants are entering civilian life gradually with many new varieties each year. Growing flowers can not only purify indoor air, but also cultivate one’s taste, much healthier than smoking and drinking alcohol, so it is a good choice to send flowers to elders as gifts. Just like this customer, young people who send flowers or plants to their fathers-in-law are not few. At this time of each year, there are many young customers who purchase Lunar New Year flowers in the flower markets in Shanghai. Less than a week before the Spring Festival, many young people in Shanghai would come here for picking gifts for elders among which butterfly orchids, bromeliads, and azaleas are the most popular.

According to the website sales statistics, there is a growing number of customers who buy flowers, and the sales of green plants are also booming. Many young people particularly choose Lunar New Year flowers with pleasant and propitious names for the wish of good luck in the new year.

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