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Tip # 1. When growing flowers, start with a good soil mix. Make sure it is light and airy, and rich in nutrients. If the soil is clayey or heavy, it may retain too much moisture or suffocate the plant. This is true whether you are planting in containers, forcing bulbs, or preparing your garden beds. 
 Tip # 2. Most flowering plants and bulbs need proper watering to thrive. Too much water or too little can be harmful. Discoloration of leaves is an indication of a watering problem, If you can squeeze water from a handful of soil, then the plant has too much water. Water your plants gently, allowing them to drink slowly and being careful not to drench them all at once, which may give them a shock. 
 Tip # 3. Some plants and flower bulbs prefer to be watered from beneath, so that they can absorb the amount they need slowly and hydrate as they wish. 
 Tip # 4. Be careful not to leave container plants sitting in stagnant water that drains from a watering. Stagnant water causes plants to become too moist. Placing a few rocks or pebbles in the saucer allows excess water to drain. 
 Tip # 5. Most flowering plants benefit from mist­ing with cool water.The cooler temperature aids exterior water absorption and refreshes the plant. 
 Tip # 6. Water plants and flowers in the garden when the sun is low, either morning or evening. Do not water them in the heat of the day, when water on the flowers and leaves may scorch the plant. 
 Tip # 7. Proper fertilization is helpful. Nutrients are important to a plant's development, but be careful not to overfertilize: More is not always better. Read instructions carefully and follow the guidelines.Too much fertilizer actually harms plants, inhibiting instead of promoting growth. 
 Tip # 8. Cut flowers in the morning or evening. Flowers cut at midday may not hold up. 
 Flower Growing Tip # 9. Flowers from the garden are the best source for cutting. However, when your garden is not producing in abundance, buy plants from nurseries, greenhouses, florists and grocery stores. The flowers are still growing and can be kept until they are used. Cut what you need to use and allow the plant to produce more flowers.
 Tip # 10a. When forcing bulbs to bloom in winter, plant them shoulder to shoulder and leave the top one-third to one-half of the bulb exposed to prevent rot. Close planting and partial exposure cut down on excess moisture and allow a greater show of flowers. 
 Tip # 10b. Gently scrape away the dry roots on the bottom of the bulb. It will root more quickly and be less likely to rot. 
 Tip # 11a. Place rocks or broken terra-cotta pieces in the bottom of the container before planting to help with drainage.

Tip # 11b. Mixing a little sand and horticultural charcoal into the soil mixture also helps drainage and keeps the soil fresh.
 Tip # 12. When planting bulbs outside, they should generally be planted at a depth of two and one-half times their diameter. Bulbs planted too deep or too shallow will not perform as well. 
 Flower Growing Tip # 13. Make sure bulbs and plants are not crowded when planted the roots need room to grow if the plant is to flourish. 
 Tip # 14. Cutting back garden plants after their flowering period or to produce more flowers should follow one rule: Only cut back what is dry and discolored. While a plant is green, it is still in its cycle, and cutting back too soon can actually inhibit growth for the next year.
 Tip # 15. Multiflowering plants should be trimmed back as the blossoms are spent to encourage more blooms to develop. 
 Tip # 16. Some plants, such as delphinium, can be fooled into blooming a second time. Once a flower has bloomed, cut the entire plant back to the ground, leaving only the base of foliage. The plant will actually force itself to produce a second flower. It may lack some of the height and bloom count of the first, but for the most part will produce a second beautiful flower. 
 Tip # 17. Some plants can be forced to become larger. When the plant sends up its initial flower stalk, cut the stalk back to the base of the leaves. The plant will then send up multiple shoots, producing more flowers. 
 Tip # 18. To produce a large flower from a plant that usually produces several blossoms, focus on one bud, trimming the others away so the plant can focus its energy. This method is known as "disbudding." 
 Tip # 19. Plants should be divided every few years to give them a vigorous new start and make them stronger bloomers. Wash away the soil from the roots before you make the division, so that you can see the best place to cut or pull. Be sure to leave a good clump of roots for each section.
 Tip # 20. When growing plants from seeds, make sure not to crowd them, as this will inhibit growth. If seedlings appear crowded, pull the smallest and weakest, concentrating on the healthy ones. 
 Tip # 21. Protect your garden with nutrient-rich mulch over the winter, concentrating on the most frost-sensitive plants that need extra protection to survive. Plant flowers according to your temperature zone if you want plants to return and thrive every year. Some perennials can be planted as annuals in cooler climates.  



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