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How Overseas Chinese Express Their Homesickness in the Mid-autumn Festival

As the second largest festival to the Spring Festival in China, the Mid-autumn Festival (the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month every year) is also called "Reunion Festival" which symbolizes the reunion of a family. Later, people gradually combine enjoying the full moon and mooncakes to imply the reunion of family members and express their homesickness. In the meanwhile, mooncakes are also the gifts of making friendly contacts among friends in the Mid-autumn Festival.

Now, sending mooncakes to parents, relatives and friends in the Mid-autumn Festival has turned into an indispensable part of the Mid-autumn Festival. For overseas Chinese, they can not reunite with their family members. Therefore, mooncakes become the carrier through which they express their homesickness to domestic relatives and friends. A mooncake in the Mid-autumn Festival stands for homesickness and care.

With the development of Internet in recent years, it is very popular to place an order for flowers and gifts online. What should overseas Chinese do if they can not accompany their relatives and friends in the Mid-autumn Festival and want to give gifts to domestic relatives and friends? All red tape will disappear by means of online ordering. The gifts you want to send will be selected in several minutes. Your parents, relatives and friends will receive your gifts on the exact day you choose. Thus, you can save the whole morning or a day to select gifts in a shopping mall, which is efficient, convenient and speedy.

Now the Mid-autumn Festival is around the corner. Overseas Chinese should rationally choose a reliable and famous gift website to send their gifts online in the Mid-autumn Festival. In particular, the quality of mooncakes is of great importance. In addition, the gifts will be reached on a given day, which is a great challenge for delivery service providers. In recent years, a number of orders in some gifts websites have been delayed being sent in succession during festivals. Flower365 Company which is engaged in the express delivery industry of overseas gifts reminds you: Choosing a reliable express-delivery company of flowers and gifts is requisite as gifts are closely linked with emotional conveyance. Only by going through the business accumulation for years and the baptism of many peak holidays, can a company guarantee the quality and timeliness of delivery.

In the second place, what worries overseas Chinese most should be the quality of gifts because they can not select gifts for their relatives and friends in person and can only know about gifts through seeing the photos online. About this, a reporter has interviewed the responsible person of the website, Ms.Xu. According to her, "the commodities of FlowerstoCN are all from the suppliers who have passed strict certification and enjoy the same quality guarantee with those you personally choose in a shopping mall. Through unremitting efforts, we fully ensure the quality and level of our goods and completely eradicate counterfeit and shoddy products from various links including the purchase of goods, inspection of goods, inventory, delivery and after-sales service".

The service tenet of FlowerstoCN is "Speedy, excellent and customized service".

The Mid-autumn Festival is coming. Wish all the parents in the world happy Mid-autumn Festival and reunite with family members, and also the work of overseas Chinese go smoothly. Mid-autumn Festival is near. Do not forget to convey your festive blessings and send your greetings to your domestic parents.

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